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06-11-2015   Article about the rock art of the Jebel Qurma region, by Nathalie Brusgaard
06-11-2015   New website about our Landscapes of Survival project !!
22-10-2015   Safaitic Rock Art Today
17-09-2015   New article about the Jebel Qurma region!
17-09-2015   Nieuw artikel over Jebel Qurma!! (in Dutch)
30-07-2015   Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain
30-07-2015   Follow the Pots!
05-05-2015   New fieldwork at Jebel Qurma soon to begin!
04-05-2015   Jordan, long before Petra
27-04-2015   New fieldwork in the Jebel Qurma region on its way!!
18-04-2015   Leiden Center for the Study of Ancient Arabia
17-04-2015   Lauch of the Leiden Center for the Study of Ancient Arabia and lecture by Michael Macdonald
06-04-2015   A new open-access online Journal on Arabian epigraphy
28-01-2015   Ancient kingdoms of South Arabia
09-01-2015   Lecture in London about the Jebel Qurma Project
23-12-2014   About the Ghassanids of the 4th to 6th century
23-12-2014   Destruction of prehistoric rock art in Libya
14-12-2014   Lecture in China on Jebel Qurma
21-11-2014   Lecture at Groningen University about Jebel Qurma by Peter Akkermans
20-11-2014   We and facebook
14-11-2014   Ancient Zodiac from Arabia discovered!
11-11-2014   About the prehistoric "wheels"
10-11-2014   New article about our research in the Jebel Qurma region!
01-11-2014   Big Circles....
24-10-2014   Symposium Punctuated Populations in Ancient Arabia
10-05-2014   New Fieldwork in Jordan !
07-04-2014   About the Wadi Hafir Petroglyph Survey in Southern Jordan
14-02-2014   Green Arabia 2014: Conference in Oxford
07-02-2014   Major research grant for the Jebel Qurma project!
15-01-2014   New book on prehistoric pastoralism in desert environs
15-01-2014   The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Levant
10-01-2014   Website about landscape and plant diversity in Saudi Arabia
30-12-2013   Gary Rollefson on the prehistory of the Black Desert
24-12-2013   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!
05-12-2013   Grant for Jebel Qurma's team member Harmen Huigens
03-12-2013   Website about the Umm al-Jimal Project in Jordan
01-12-2013   New book about the prehistory of the Azraq basin: "Beyond the Fertile Crescent"
22-11-2013   GLOBALKITES, a research project about the desert kites
21-08-2013   Desert kites in the Negev
14-08-2013   Learn Arabic online!
13-08-2013   The Later Prehistory of the Badia
12-08-2013   ex oriente, with lots of free article + book downloads!
24-07-2013   Traffic in looted cultural objects
22-07-2013   About the Early Neolithic in the Nefud desert, Saudi Arabia
27-04-2013   New fieldwork in 2013 !!
27-02-2013   Trust for African Rock Art
26-02-2013   New research in the Shubeikha region in the basalt desert
17-02-2013   Follow us, like us!
17-02-2013   Azraq Wetland Reserve
09-11-2012   Jawas Hinterland: new website about the research in the Badia east of Jawa
30-10-2012   Maitland Mesa
01-08-2012   Press release about Jebel Qurma by Leiden University
01-08-2012   News about Jebel Qurma from the Netherlands Embassy in Jordan
27-07-2012   Umm al-Jimal Publications
17-07-2012   Facebook & Jebel Qurma
07-07-2012   Studying Archaeology of the Near East & Egypt at Leiden University
07-07-2012   Peter Akkermans on
07-07-2012   Video: five statues from Neolithic 'Ain Ghazal in Jordan
06-07-2012   New website