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Team in 2012


The Jebel Qurma field team in 2012.

From left to right: Peter Akkermans, Sanne Meijer, Merel Bruning, Akemi Kaneda, Koen Berghuijs, Wisam as-Said, Jasim al-Ramadan (Abu Sultan), Jaap Kool, Harmen Huigens, Hannah Plug. Missing on this picture: Ahmed Lash.

Below, there are more team photos from the 2012 season of field work:






Measuring a burial cairn on the edge of a large mud flat.


Endless basalt-strewn plains, full of archaeology.


The team in full action in the middle of the basalt.


A lonely measuring job in the middle of nowhere.... But worth doing it!


The team in full marching-kit


What to do? The remains of a bedouin camp site on the edge of the large Qa al-Tejarat, the main mud flat in the study region.


The slopes of Jebel Qurma, heavily covered with basalt rocks and dificult to climb


All the way down the basalt...

.... and all the way up!


A great field season! From left to right: Sanne Meijer, Wisam as-Said, Akemi Kaneda and Harmen Huigens.