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Base Camp

The team makes use of the facilities of the Hamza Astronomical Environmental Camp, deep in the desert, some 30 km to the southeast of the modern town of Azraq. Originally the camp provided shelter to staff involved in local oil exploration but now it is owned by the Jordanian Astronomical Society. The facilities are basic, yet comfortable and entirely suited for our purposes. We are grateful to the Jordanian Astronomical Society and its board (in particular Hani Dalee and Khaled Tell) for letting us use their premises!

Here are some pictures of the Hamza Camp:


The Hamza base camp seen in the distance, in the middle of the desert



Entrance to the base camp


Trailers for living and working




The base camp when the dust comes.... (photo: Ahmed Lash)


Our friend and guard at the Hamza camp, Abu Sultan (right), together with his father (left) in their tent in the Hazim oasis, close to the Jordanian-Saudi border.