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Team in 2013



We thank the Department of Antiquities of Jordan for all help and support of the Jebel Qurma project, and in particular our representatives Naser Zoubi and Khaled al-Janideh.



Naser Zoubi at the site of QUR-23



Khalid al-Janideh at the site of Jebel Qurma


Below, there are more team photos from the 2013 season of fieldwork. Also, take a look at our Facebook page with many more nice team pictures! Go to: Jebel Qurma Project - Jordan


     The long daily walks through the basalt. Work in the field begins at 5 am and ends somewhere in the late afternoon.

     The survey team in action

     Abu Sultan, our friend and guard in the Hamza camp, in a melancholic mood in Wadi al-Qattafi, one of his former camping grounds in the early 1990s.

   Ready to go into the field: Hannah Plug, Diek Halbertsma and Koen Berghuys